The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests are a part of our routine now – whether you have to travel to another country, cross borders to a neighboring emirate or rejoin your workplace or school after a short travel to your home country, a negative COVID-19 test result is your ticket. This, however, requires a lengthy process of appointment searches, hospital visits and long waiting times. Even when the test is finally done, the anxious wait for the result is another inconvenience. 

Fortunately, RIZEK aims to eradicate this inconvenience with their at-home PCR tests. 

RIZEK is one of the fastest growing Abu Dhabi-based start-ups, and the first super app for on-demand home services in the country. Their services and products include cleaning, beauty, healthcare and other services, all available on one user-friendly platform. This first-of-its-kind service is being offered by RIZEK in partnership with top tier hospitals certified by Dubai Health Authority and Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health. 

In just three steps and from the comfort of your own home, you can now get the test done and alleviate the stress of the lengthy process that involves visiting hospitals and clinics during uncertain times. Eventually, a surge in the demand for PCR tests is expected, further highlighting the need for speedy and convenient tests.

In line with its commitment to ensuring the convenience and well-being of residents and vacationers, RIZEK’s at-home COVID-19 PCR test ensures a safe testing procedure and provides you with the convenience of getting tested without having to leave your home. The PCR test results offered through RIZEK’s partners are certified and approved for travel purposes, both within the UAE and internationally. The tests are conducted with a quick turnaround time and customers can also opt for an express service that delivers results within just eight hours.

So, whether you are flying out of the UAE or travelling to another Emirate, all you will need to do is download the RIZEK app, order the PCR test, and get tested right at home!  

The super app has been championing solutions to help fight the pandemic and was the first app to launch on-demand sanitization services, along with free disinfection services for labor camps.


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