151 Million People Used Public Busses in Dubai in 2016


The Public Transport Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai revealed that its public buses had lifted 151.1 million riders last year. The sector is witnessing steady growth and increasingly becoming important in the daily movement of people between their workplaces & homes.

Basel Ibrahim Saad, Director of Buses, RTA’s Public Transport Agency, was delighted with the growing numbers of public bus riders in Dubai. “Such an increase is indicative of the growing culture of using public transport amongst community members, which is attributed to RTA’s keenness to provide spacious, sound and accurate bus services integrated with other mass transit means such as the metro, tram and marine transit modes. It also signals RTA’s attention to improve transit-related facilities such as metro, tram & water transport stations, and air-conditioned bus shelters dotting all parts of Dubai Emirate including 100 smart shelters offering a diverse cast of smart services to the public. The overall objective of these services & facilities is to live up to customers’ satisfaction and make them happier with the superb services offered by RTA.

“RTA is seeking to complement mass transit means in the Emirate in realization of the strategic direction of curbing the use of private vehicles and expanding the use of public transport means in a bid to make them the ideal mobility choice of people in Dubai. RTA is seeking to raise the share of public transit means in people’s mobility in Dubai to as much as 30% by 2030. Public transport means are the ideal means to ensure sustainable transport given the massive number of vehicles flooding streets and harmful gas emissions they cause,” added Basel. He called on the public to use public transit means in order to conserve the environment and protect the public health. It is noteworthy that RTA’s public bus fleet consists of 1514 buses.


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