UAE aesthetic medicine industry witnesses surge in 2016


The cosmetic and reconstructive surgery industry in the UAE is seeing increasing demand from both local residents as well as visitors to the country, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital (AACSH), a leading healthcare provider and reference centre in the Middle East.

The AACSH has witnessed an 11% increase in patients in 2016, compared to 2015, as reported in its end of year report on aesthetic medicine trends in the country. Factors contributing to this growth include an increasingly savvy patient base and the demand for tailor-made services, the growth of medical tourism, the increasing focus on attaining international accreditation and the growth in population and corresponding increase in disposable income.

“There is an increasing shift towards value when it comes to aesthetic medicine, with patients opting for higher quality services and tailored care management solutions based on specific requirements – whether this is for cosmetic or medically required reconstructive procedures. The AACSH has recognized this trend from the outset and has ensured it provides a strong combination of technology and requisite clinical skills”, said Dr. Jeehan Abdul Qadir, Executive Chairperson of the AACSH.

According to the report, with the increased demand for aesthetic medicine, it is key for players in the industry to offer qualified, trained and experienced staff, state-of-the-art facilities and sanitary premises to perform procedures – all essential elements to securing patient trust. The AACSH is the only cosmetic surgery hospital in the MENA region to secure Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, and it has recently received the third consecutive JCI’s Gold Seal of Approval®.

The report provided insight into the five most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in 2016 include: liposuction (38%), abdominoplasty (20%), breast surgery (18%), rhinoplasty (9%), and cosmetic gynecology (5%). It also revealed that patients from more than 100 different countries of origin visited the AACSH in 2016, the majority of new patients visiting the hospital are predominantly UAE nationals. Saudi nationals still remain the second largest group of visitors with an increase of 4.7% Y-o-Y, whilst the AACSH continues to see an increase from markets such as Britain (16%), Qatar (17%), Oman (11%) and Egypt (10%).

The UAE healthcare space is growing rapidly as an increasing number of hospitals, primary care facilities, health insurance options and specialized services become available. With the growth in reconstructive and elective surgical and non-surgical procedures, it is imperative for healthcare providers to ensure they are fully equipped to offer patients superior medical care.


  1. The American Hospital Dubai is also JCI accredited – being the first hospital in the region to achieve this status. The American Hospital Dubai now offers a comprehensive plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery service, with a full time, UK trained plastic surgeon.


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