Amazon Echo 60,000 Recipes Talk


There hasn’t really been a comprehensive recipe skill for Amazon Echo speakers, even telling the news.

Allrecipes recently launched an Alexa skill (more than 3,000 by now) that guides you through cooking 60,000 meals — and importantly, helps you find something to cook in the first place. You can ask what’s possible with the ingredients you have on hand, find a quick-to-make dish or check on measurements.

When you’re in the middle of cooking, you can pause, repeat or advance steps. Alternatively, you can spend some time reading: Three cookbooks for healthy eating 8 to 8

The new recipe reading skill is free to use, and works with any device that supports Alexa skills in the first place (including Fire TV). If it works as well as promised, it might be a crucial addition. The Echo is already the quintessential kitchen speaker for many people — it’s that much more useful if it can save you from flipping through a cookbook (or a recipe app on your phone) with your flour-covered hands.


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