Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?


Strangely, some policies don’t include coverage for injuries while practicing common sports such as football or winter sports. There are also lots of clauses such as in order to make a valid claim, you need to wear a helmet while skiing. Most extreme sports and activities are not included, so look for a specialized cover.

And there are many, many other problems with travel insurance. Most of the issues are concerning medical emergencies. The problem is that the policy will offer various things for every different country. In some places, the insurance will provide examination by GP, hospital treatment, prescription drugs, transport, and so on. In other countries, however, only medical emergencies are covered. You will need to pay for ambulance, medical supplies, and drugs.

So, is it worth it?

If you are travelling with a budget airline and stay at a cheap hotel without carrying any valuables, while your credit card has international life insurance (or travel insurance), the answer is easy. No, paying extra for another useless policy is definitely not worth it. But if you are flying from or to a place where weather conditions (snow, storms, fog, and sometimes simply rain) frequently cause flight delays, consider buying the insurance.

So, basically, try to decide how much you are risking during your trip. Always research online for information on government websites and foreign offices – they usually post detailed information on how to protect yourself against unexpected incidents.

Overall, travel insurance is worth it in case you are travelling abroad, while your health insurance simply doesn’t cover emergencies outside the country. You will also want insurance when your vacation (or the larger part of it) is non-refundable – most tour operators and travel agencies do on offer compensation for delays and cancellations. Of course, this is valid only when you are booking a pre-paid travel package. So, try to calculate whether the money lost on your trip will be a true financial disaster, or not. This is the most important question you need to answer for yourself.


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