90% of Small Business Owners are Their Only Marketers


Running a small business is not among the easiest things you can do. This is because you need to know how to make the most of the limited resources you have. Often, that forces owners of small firms to have their fingers in many pies. That was proved by a study conducted by software provider AWeber Communications. According to the research, 88% of all small business owners are their main business marketers.

In the study participated over 3,000 entrepreneurs and owners from all over the world. They were all interviewed on different topics that concerned their business. In addition, almost 90% of the owners stated that they are the ones who take care of the marketing of their business. They cited limited staff as the main reason for that. The report also points that over 90% of the small business owners that were interviewed had about five employees.

As a result, SB owners reach out to various social media websites, like social networks and blogs, to popularize their products and services. Also, the majority of small business plan to increase their social presence over the next few months by creating pages and profiles of the firm in other social sites.

However, social media is not the only tool on which small business owners and entrepreneurs rely. Nearly 70% of them are willing to invest more money in the marketing of their business in 2016.

In addition, contrary to the popular belief, the email is not dead yet. Many small businesses continue to use it for marketing even though 70% of them were found to spend less than 3 hours a week sending email newsletter. 77% of small business owners report that this type of marketing helps to increase their revenues.


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