Why Opt for Property Management in Dubai


Full property management in Dubai is lately considered as the ideal choice for first time investors or those who live in other cities, or even countries. In fact, property management can provide the ideal solution for landlords who don’t want to get too bogged down in the business of maintenance, viewings and legal matters. Instead, all these concerns can be handed over to professionals.

What is property management?

To start, a definition: property management is the system whereby property owners hand over all their typical responsibilities to an expert real estate professional. This individual will then act as a representative of the landlord, taking on all their responsibilities and acting to the tenants in the same way the owner would.

What does a property manager do?

In essence, a property manager will do everything that would typically be associated with landlord’s responsibility. This includes visiting the property at pre-determined intervals to check everything is as expected. In being a professional property manager, they will know what to look for – such as the levels of cleanliness and repair – in order to ensure a tenant is keeping up their end of the agreement. Their experience should also mean the property is inspected thoroughly, with nothing slipping by unnoticed.


As an intermediary, property managers will also be on hand to sort any maintenance issues whenever it’s needed. This way, any repairs could well be undertaken more efficient than if the landlord was handling everything themselves. The property manager has been delegated the responsibility to ensure the issues are resolved promptly, often using accredited professionals who have been vetted thoroughly beforehand and who have an agreement in place with the property management company.


According to the business proposition of the largest by market share real estate company that offers property management in Dubai, Better Homes, property managers not only market the property, find tenants, prepare tenancy contracts, collect payments and follow up maintenance works, but also take care the rental cheques to be promptly deposited in landlord’s bank accounts or wired. For more details on the property management in Dubai, please email here.


All of the points above have been made with the landlord in mind. That’s not the only consideration, though, as property management in Dubai can also be very beneficial for the tenant as well. If a property is well maintained and managed effectively, they will save a lot of time and efforts resolving domestic issues. Of course, a happy tenant is one who elects to stay for as long as possible. This means that landlords won’t be left with the time consuming and potentially costly process of finding new tenants, not to mention alleviating the time spent having to pay out through the so-called ‘void period’.

Not only a hassle free way of letting out a property, then, but potentially a very beneficial for all parties involved one as well.


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