Cosmetic Surgery is booming in UAE, data says


Enquiries to cosmetic surgery clinics more than double (106%) in the past year

  • Medical tourism to the UAE has increased by 135% in the past year.
  • Top ten cosmetic surgery procedures in the UAE revealed
  • Liposuction is the most popular treatment, with a 154% increase in enquiries in past year
  • Nose job enquiries up 104% in 2015 and costs 23,885dh on average
  • Enquiries for breast implants and breast lifts up 87% and 125% respectively over the past year with average price tags of 26,515dh and 34,678dh
  • Facelift is becoming more popular and is on track to be in Top Ten procedures in 2016
  • A quarter of all cosmetic surgery enquiries are from overseas patients
  • Top overseas countries sending enquiries to UAE include Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman

Cosmetic surgery has seen a surge in growth this year across the United Arab Emirates, with enquiries for elective cosmetic procedures increasing by 106%, according to private healthcare search engine The stats were published as part of its analysis of cosmetic surgery trends in the Emirates over the year. The report also listed the top ten most popular treatments this year, with liposuction topping the list.

The surge in interest noted can be attributed to interest from patients both at home and abroad. With its range of private hospitals and a growing reputation for quality, the UAE is a top destination for elective healthcare globally. Medical tourism makes up a significant portion of the market, and overseas enquiries rose by 135% over the past 12 months.

The treatment costs an average of 20,981dh, and is not only the most popular treatment of the past year, it shows no sign of slowing down, with a 154% increase in patient enquiries to clinics in the region for the same period. Rhinoplasty was the second most popular treatment, and it too is increasing in popularity, up 104%. The average price tag of this surgery was revealed to be 23,885dh.

Third on the list is a relatively new procedure called gynecomastia, or male breast reduction. This procedure costs 21,296dh on average and is becoming more popular over time. Other breast related surgeries also made the list. Breast implants (the 4th most popular treatment) and breast lift (9th most popular) both showed increased interest from patients.

The first is used to increase the size of the breast, while the latter is more common among slightly older patients, who are hoping to restore a more youthful outline. Breast lift increased by 125% despite having an average price tag of 34,678dh. Implants grew by 87% and had an average price of 26,515dh.


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