Black Friday Travel Deals: Save on Hotels, Airfares, Cruises


In 2015, you will find more and more Black Friday travel deals online. Here are the best of them:

Elsewhere offers savings up to 50% this Black Friday, but to see the deals you need to sign in first.

The madness of the holiday season shopping is in a full swing and more and more service providers and retailers are joining the craze and competing to offer themed promotions.

Dubai Chronicle’s team has found a few Black Friday deals on travel packages which are described below, but if you see Black Friday or Cyber Monday special offers and promotion elsewhere, please send us a tip. has a dedicated Black Friday deals page where you can find special offers and discount coupons for some of the most luxurious five star hotels. Last year’s Black Friday travel deals on packages included even The Belvedere Hotel in New York and the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Take up to $60 off with Coupon Code BFCM60 if you book now at The Black Friday promotion applies only for reservations for six or more passengers for flights, or for six or more nights for hotels, or for six days for car rentals.

In addition, you can save on airfares this Black Friday as the world’s best airline has just launched Black Friday deals on airfares.

If you plan to travel soon, or you have not yet booked your Christmas holiday, there is no better time to book travel packages than the actual day of Black Friday in 2015.

In addition, to explore promotions and pre-Black Friday deals on electronics, clothing, toys and home stuff, visit our Black Friday deals-dedicated page here!


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