Microsoft’s Surface Book Goes on Sale Today


Today is the first day you can buy a laptop that’s entirely made by Microsoft.

The new Surface Book is being sold at the Microsoft online store, as well as on Amazon. The price range is from US $1,499 to $4000 depending on the capacity. Other physical and online retailers will most probably list their availability of the Surface Book soon.


It is memorable occasion, as whenever you buy a Windows laptop, it’s always been made by another company. This time, everything from the hardware to the software is all made by Microsoft.

So far, reviews for the Surface Book have been positive, with most of the reviewers praising the display, touchpad, keyboard, battery life, and the Surface Book’s ability to separate from the keyboard to turn into a tablet.

The keyboard houses an extra battery, as well as a separate processor for certain models of the Surface Book that’s specifically designed to process graphics-heavy tasks, like games and video editing.

Most of the complaints revolving around the relatively high $1,499 price tag and the fact that you can’t shut the laptop flat because of the Surface Book’s unique hinge.

Today, you can also buy the latest Surface Pro 4 on Amazon, where the cheapest version is in stock for $899 while some of the other versions are already out of stock. It’s somewhat similar to the surface book, except it has no hinge to prop it up. Instead, it uses a kickstand that comes out from the back of the Surface Pro. The keyboard and trackpad is more like a cover, and doesn’t harbor any extra components.

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