How to Cohere Small Business and Social Media


Make Yourself Approachable

You don’t have to be on Facebook round the clock, but you might want to take a look at how you come across in the social-interaction zone. A little product placement in the posts and more of engagement with people through asking questions, posting opinions or even putting out something silly and attention grabbing in their timeline. The underlying message is that you are there for everyone; they just have to find you. A

The key word here is engagement. Social media isn’t just there for you to bombard people with glorified adverts. Modern consumers are far more interested in finding out about the people behind the brand. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional promotion, but the important thing with social media is to make that genuine connection.

You need to build communities first, and then money will follow. If you use social media to get the money without building the communities with emotional capital inside, money will not follow. It’s a simple lesson, but one that’s often overlooked. Make friends with people and they’ll be more inclined to trust you.


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