Amazon Student or Microsoft Store for Education – Both!


en-INTL-PDP0-Office-365-University-R4T-00009-Large-desktopWhile Amazon’ services are understandably focused on shopping and entertainment experiences, Micorsoft offers to shoppers preferential prices on learning and productivity tools. In addition, Microsoft Store for Education is open to a larger group of consumers that includes faculty, staff, students and parents. The age group is not restricted and any employee of a public or private K-12 institution in the U.S. is eligible, including home-school teachers. But buyers should be only individuals, as institutions are not eligible to shop at the Microsoft Store for Education. Some of the store’s conditions state that a maximum of five items can be purchased per order and bulk orders may be cancelled. Shoppers may have limited quantities of items that they can purchase per academic school year.

The current offers at the Microsoft Store for Education include:

Both online stores, Amazon Student and Microsoft Store for Education, offer advantages to consumers which should not be overlooked. Lower prices and enhances productivity are must-have tools for better performance. Early technology adopters have nothing lose, but will only sharpen their online shopping skills by the time they join the work force and gain more significant purchasing power.


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