Grey Market Apple Watch in UAE – Buy or Not!


Apple Watch is officially available for purchase in nine countries since yesterday, Friday, April 24. However, this does not mean that there won’t be any Apple Watches on sale in the United Arab Emirates this week. News broke that the product will make its way to the UAE through the grey market this weekend. What does this mean and is it a good idea to purchase a grey market Apple Watch? It is time to answer these important questions!

What is Grey Market?

The term “grey market” is not be confused with “black market” or “grey economy.” All three of these phrases refer to different things. Gray market stores and dealers are legal. On the other hand, they are not authorized by official manufacturers to distribute their products. Such dealers and stores simply import the product from another country (in Apple Watch’s case that could be any of the nine countries in which it is launched) and import it to the local market.


Pricing – One of the main advantages of grey market products is their price. Often, they are offered a much lower price compared to their regular pricing. However, that greatly depends on the country the local market, the product’s current availability and consumers’ demand for it.

In Australia, for instance, electronic products imported from the U.S. cost twice as much as their original price tag. Therefore, gadgets purchased on the grey market can be a huge bargain there.

The situation in UAE with Apple Watch is rather different. First, the Apple Watch will not be launched in the country over the upcoming months. Second, the demand for the device by UAE consumers is reported to be huge. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a grey market Apple Watch in the United Arab Emirates, you should prepare to pay a double price.


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