Apple Watch Accessories Cost as Much as an iPhone


Aple Watch

Apple Watch will offer consumers many amazing and innovative features, like uniqueapps, fitness and health features and different new ways to connect. However, none of them attracted as much attention as the price of the gold Apple Watch. To buy the premium edition of Apple’s first wearable, one will have to kiss $10,000 goodbye. What is even more shocking is that consumers will also need to dig deep if they want to buy a new Apple Watch… that is not even made of gold.

The Apple Store already added a catalogue of the Apple Watch accessories that will be launched along with the “timepiece”. The majority of them are watch bands. They are available in various style and colours. However, what is really interesting about them is their price tag. Some of the Apple Watch band that will be released will cost as much as a brand new iPhone 5C.
The Link Bracelet for Apple Watch comes with a price tag of $449. According to its description, the bracelet is made from the same stainless steel allow as the wearable’s case. In addition, this luxurious band features 100 different components.

Of course, there are more affordable Apple Watch bands from which consumers can choose. The cheapest of them is the Sport Band, which will be available for $49. Buyers who want something a little more sophisticated and less rubber-like will have to spend more. For a Classic Buckle, Milanese Loop or Leather Loop, consumers will need to prepare $149. Those, who prefer the Modern Buckle, should have an Apple Watch accessory budget of $249.

Luckily, the Apple Watch will be sold together with a band. Therefore, only those who want to customize their hi-tech timepiece or who have been unfortunate enough to damage their band, would have to spend so much money on an Apple Watch accessory.

As soon as Apple unveiled the pricing of the accessories for its wearable, many retailers were quick to respond by introducing much more affordable bands. Amazon’s catalogue already features a number of Apple Watch replaceable bands and screen protectors. Almost all of them are available with a discount, allowing shoppers to get a band for under $10. Even without the price cut, price tags are nowhere near $450 or even $150.

Still, those who plan to stock up on cheap Apple Watch accessories should hold their horses for now. In the past, the company has always warned consumers not to order accessories by third-party manufacturers for any products of the company before their official release on the market. The reason is that many of these early-bird accessories are produced on the basis of leaked and not official product information. As a result, some shoppers can end up with a band that does not fit their Apple Watch.


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