Dubai Has a Crucial Role in Apple Watch Development


Some of the tests that Apple run during the developing its Apple Watch took place in Dubai. This interesting insight was revealed by the company’s director of fitness and health technologies Jay Blahnik.

Even before all the Apple Watch rumours, this year’s most anticipated smart gadget was secretly tested in Dubai. In a recent TV interview, Blanik shared that Apple tried out its first wearable across a number of locations all over the world including in UAE.

The reason for Apple Watch’s visit in Dubai was related to testing the gadget in the city’s climate. Part of the tech giant’ plans was to test the product in more extreme environments. Dubai’s hot and humid desert climate was reportedly the perfect place to challenge Apple Watch resistance in high temperature.

The testing program started about a year before Apple Watch’s launch. Apart from testing the device’s durability and behavior in different weather environments, Apple also collected hours of fitness and health data.

The company even offered recently an insight into a top secret lab dedicate to Apple Watch’s fitness and health features. There, the company tested the product by involving a number of its employees in training sessions. The technology giant involved its managers, software engineers and developers into various fitness activities like yoga, rowing and running. Even though the company’s employees did not know the exact purpose of these unusual tests, they gladly participated strapped in various sensors and gadgets. In that way, Apple collected valuable data that was later used in the development of its smartwatch.

Although this sophisticated lab was equipped with a climate chamber that imitated different weather environments, the company still decided it should test the Apple Watch under real-life conditions. That is why the team head to locations like Dubai and Alaska.

Apple Watch pre-order will start on April 10, while the wearable will go on sale on April 24 in nine countries. Even though the device was tested in Dubai, Apple still has not shared whether or not it will make its way to the United Arab Emirates. Nevertheless, the company’s UAE online store lists the gadget in its catalogue, hinting that consumers in the country will be able to order the wearable at some point in the near future.


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