UK’s Top Private Schools Arrive in Dubai to Recruit Students


As a growing number of Dubai’s expats are interested in enrolling their children in boarding schools in the UK and this why the Independent Schools Show arrives in the emirate this weekend. 28 of UK’s finest private schools will take part in the show, meeting with parents and offering them a wide choice of options suitable for every age and need.

UAE's team at 'World Schools Debating Championship'Along with the various international, American, Indian and other private schools in Dubai, there are also plenty of British-curriculum schools. Although their tuition fees can be quite expensive, they are still viewed as more affordable alternative to sending your children to study overseas. However, many parents acknowledge the benefits of education in the UK, especially when it comes to some of the most prestigious boarding schools, as they are advertised, not only in England, but worldwide. And instead of researching and looking for the “right school” for their kids remotely and online, many parents in Dubai now have the opportunity to meet with their representatives in person. This will be possible this weekend during the Independent Schools Show Dubai, which will take place at the Sheraton Hotel in Mall of Emirates.

According to the expo’s organizers, the number of children from the Middle East, who attend British boarding schools, has doubled in the past 12 months. Many of these pupils are from British expat families, but there are also from various other nationalities. On Friday and Saturday, parents can meet some of the most famous schools from across the UK, including Wellington College, Stowe, Marlborough College, the school where the Duchess of Cambridge used to study, Epsom College, or Bedales, which has famous alumni such as Daniel Day Lewis, Cara Delevingne, Lily Allen, and so on. Besides the popular co-education schools, there also several single-sex schools including Marymount International School, St. Mary’s Calne, and St. Francis’ College for girls, or The Oratory School for boys.

Choosing the perfect school for your children is not only an important financial decision, but also an emotional one. Different boarding schools offer various opportunities, with different conditions, options, and prices. Transferring children from one school to another is also a difficult process, so being able to speak and get detailed information from the schools themselves will certainly ease this transition. The free expert advice will help parents make informed choices based on their child’s individual needs.


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