MacBook Buyer’s Guide


If you are looking for a laptop that will offer you one of the best performance on the market, Apple’s MacBooks are certainly worth your time and money. The company’s laptops line now features MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Each of these devices is offered in two more versions depending on their screen size. Nevertheless, deciding which one to purchase is not that easy and therefore we offer a comprehensive MacBook buyer’s guide!

Best Places to Buy a MacBook

It very much depends on your location when it comes to choosing a store. Naturally, Apple Store is the main online retailer. It offers the options to configure your device the way you want to. UAE’s Apple Store even offers a free delivery. However, if you want to purchase a MacBook for on a more affordable price, research the options here. By doing so, you can potentially save about $100 or even $200! Similar is the case here, where you may save even more.

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Apple products are traditionally pricey and MacBooks are no exception. However, if the price tag is the only thing that matter for you in a MacBook, the most affordable option for you would be the 11” MacBook Air. Its starting price is set at $899. The cheapest MacBook Pro model, on the other hand, is the 13”one. Compared to the MacBook Air, it is a bit bulkier and pricier, but it is also more powerful. Its price is starts at $1,299.

The Question That Will Solve Your Dilemma

Those, who are not worried by price, will be faced with a dilemma – MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. However, your problem can easily find its solution. All you need to do is answer one very simple question: What do you prefer more – power or portability? If you are searching for a laptop that is light, slim and can easily be carried when you travel, you will definitely make more use of a MacBook Air. They are the slimmest MacBooks every created by Apple. As a result, they are also very thin. That will enable you to take your device everywhere you go.

But if you want a powerful beast of a laptop, MacBook Pro should be your final choice. Even though it is a tiny bit heavier and bigger than the MacBook Air, it excels in any other way. As start, it comes with a Retina display that makes images appear sharper and more detailed. Also, the device offers more advanced graphics, much more robust processor and two times bigger memory capacity.

Of course, this does not mean that MacBook Air is a useless laptop. Still, if you are just planning to use to browse the web, check your emails, use office applications, watch films or do basic editing of images and videos, there is little point it spending extra for the MacBook Pro. Yet, if you plan to use it for gaming or professional editing, do get the Pro.

MacBook Air 11” or MacBook Air 13”

If are willing to get the best MacBook Air, then you should buy the 13-inch model. It comes with a larger screen that will be easier on the eyes. Also, it has a longer battery life compared to its 11-inch version.

On the other hand, MacBook 11” is $100 cheaper. In addition, a smaller screen is not really a bad thing if you plan to use the device on the go, for instance.

MacBook Pro 13” with Retina Display or MacBook Pro 15” with Retina Display

The most affordable option here is the base MacBook Pro 13” model, which can be purchased for $1299. Nevertheless, this version may not appeal to you if you tend to store many video or audio files on your laptop. Also, it will fall short if you intend to use it for gaming. To do all that, you will need the mid-level MacBook 13”, since it pack more memory. As for the high-end MacBook Pro 13” model, for the price of $1,800 it will not really offer much more improvements or storage.

The 15” MacBook Pro laptop are more expensive than the 13” ones. For instance, the base model is sold for $1999. However, the combination of a Retina display technology and a screen size of 15” can be stunning. In addition, a bigger screen means that you will get use it for multi-tasking or have enough screen space to edit videos or entire movies. In addition to that, this models packs a two times more powerful processor than its predecessor, which will speed up everything.

What about the high-end MacBook 15”? With a whopping price tag $2,499 not many people will dare to buy it. Still, this laptop will be very useful to individuals who plan to play heavier games or to do professional editing tasks on it. Apart from these consumers, however, not many people will be able to use the full potential of this extraordinary machine.

Buy Now or Wait

Apple will probably update its MacBook lineup this year. But should you wait for that to happen or purchase a MacBook today. Rumours has it that Apple is planning to update only its MacBook Air line in 2015 by adding a Retina display to it. However, the current MacBook Pro already uses this technology. Given that it is not that heavier and bulkier than the Air, it will continue to be a good buy for another year. So, if you want a MacBook now, get a Pro model. If you are more interested in MacBook Air and you are not in a rush, you should wait a few more months.


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