Hollywood Celebrities Favourite Happiness Hacks



Hollywood celebrities may be living in mansions, wearing designer clothing, driving flashy rides and enjoying luxury vacations, but they, too, experience moments in which they feel low. Like most people, they have their own rituals and mood boosters that help them feel happier. So, what are the happiness hacks of Hollywood celebrities you can try by yourself?

Jennifer Aniston – Spend Time with Some Friends

Jennifer-Aniston-Meryl-Streep-2015-SAG-AwardsFriends actress Jennifer Aniston relies on her friends’ company and comfort whenever she feels down. No matter how busy she is, Aniston makes sure to spend some quality time with her closest mates. Her only rule is to see them face-to-face instead of communicating with them in the virtual world.

In addition to that, Jennifer Aniston uses her home as her personal sanctuary. She has placed flowers and candles around her house to make it feel more inviting and peaceful. Also, the actress likes to enjoy a splurge every now and then, like buying gifts just for herself or eating sweet treats without counting the calories in them.

Katy Perry – Take a Break and Change the Scenery

Katy Perry, on the other hand, avoids letting her fears, anxieties and troubles get to her by simply taking a break from everything and going on a hike. That and a Madonna song help the singer let go of all the negativity and clear her head.

Taylor Swift – The Little Things Matter the Most

The young singer tries to find beauty in the little things that surround her. Swift believes that happiness can be unlocked by simple things from her daily life.

Jessica Simpson – Fall In Love

Jessica Simpson shares that she is at her happiest when she is in love. Well, love may not be a feeling that you can command or control, but Simpson advises to give in to all the pleasant emotions it brings. The key is to feel comfortable in the other person’s company and to feel appreciated.

Beyonce – Girls’ Night Out

Just like Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce’s happiness trick is spending time with her friends. However, the singer also thinks that female friendship is special and important. Her female friends help her during rough times and give her valuable advice whenever she needs it.

Kim Kardashian – Alone at Home

Kim Kardashian’s happiness hack may surprise you. The reality TV star loves to recharge by taking time off from the spotlight. Whenever Kim feels low, she likes to stay at home without makeup and a simple ponytail. That refreshes her and allows her to relax.

So, the celebrity road to happiness involves friends, love, new scenery and some music on the background. It is not that hard to follow. Therefore, you can give it a go!



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