Wearable Devices Look More Price Friendly in Bundles



Since most consumers either have a smartphone or a tablet, or both, this holiday season, many Christmas shoppers are predicted to add wearable devices to their shopping cart. If plan to do the same thing, you need to keep your eye open for wearable devices on sale or for wearable technology bundles… or, why not, for both! Amazon already offers a number of great bundles containing wearable computers and accessories at a special price.

Save $220 on Garmin Fenix Performer Bundle GPS


The bundle contains a Fenix outdoor GPS watch, a Premium Heart Rate Monitor, two bands (one in orange and one in black), screws, charger cable, and torx tool-USB. It offers consumers a very comprehensive navigation that will work regardless whether you are following the beaten track or not. IN addition, the Fenix outdoor GPS watch is equipped with various sensors that can track weather changes, heading and elevation. The regular price of this bundle is $449.99. However, for a limited time, shoppers can order it here for less than $230.

Save 20% Magellan Echo Smart Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor – Bluetooth Smart


The list price of this bundles is almost $150. Still, consumers can currently purchase it for barely $119.99. It includes a Magellan Echo Smart Sports Watch that enables consumers to access their sports apps without even looking at their smartphone. Also, users can adjust their music volume through it or even to change songs. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices and is available in different colours. Apart from the watch, the bundles also features a Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor.

Save almost 40% on Striiv Smart Pedometer, Accessory Bundle

Striiv Smart Pedometer is a popular personal trainer gadget. It will not only advice you when you workout, but it will also motivate you through various games, walkathons, challenges and competitions. This bundle comes also with a belt clip, quick release keychain, arm band, USB cable, purple soft case, adapter and a carabiner.


Save $50 on Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Teal Bundle


Garmin’s Vivofit is one of the best-selling smart fitness bands. The regular price of this wearables is about $130. However, shoppers can now order the entire Gamin Vivofit Fitness Band – Teal Bundle for just $119.99. It includes not only the smart band, but also a heart-rate monitor that will record your heart rate during exercise, a wireless Garmin ANT stick with which you wirelessly upload your information on the web, as well as water-resistant wristbands of varying sizes for a better fit.

With these bundles, you can surprise your loves ones with an entire set of smart wearable products at the price of one! But do visit the store today, because tomorrow it may be too late.


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