Family Tablet Fire HD 7 Green Monday Offer Right in Time for Christmas


The Green Monday sale is your last chance to buy electronics with considerable discounts! One of the best deals you can find today includes the ultimate family tablet – Fire HD 7. Amazon has reduced its regular price of $139 to $114!


With or without a holiday discount, Fire HD 7 is a very universal tablet that is suitable for different types of users – from a child to a parent or even a grandparent. That is namely why it is often referred to as a “family” gadget.

Amazon’s updated Fire HD 7 can support unique profiles for each member of the family. In that way, everyone in the household can use the device and enjoy a personalized experience. In addition, this feature preserves social media and email settings, allowing consumers to directly access their own accounts whenever they enter they personal profile.

Moreover, even if the entire family is playing one and the same game, the gadget will remember their achievements separately and enable them to continue from where they have left off. Also, with Fire HD 7, household can list their online content accounts, like Prime Instant Video and share games, books, apps without having to switch between accounts.

Apart from being family-friendly, this Fire tablet is extremely children-friendly as well. The device supports Amazon FreeTime, through which parents can specify the content their kids can access and use, like videos, apps, books and etc. In addition to that, mums and dads can limit the time their kids spend on the tablet or restrict specific activity categories like games or web browsing, for instance.

All of these qualities make Fire HD 7 a great holiday gift for all kinds of people and even for the entire family. With this Green Monday discount, the tablet should be on the top of your Christmas shopping list.


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