Plan Your Eid Al Adha Holiday Early


There is still time until the next long, or not that long, public holiday in the Middle East, but the earlier you start preparations, the better chance you will have finding great deals on flight and hotel packages not only from Emirates Airline and Qatar Airways, but with all other carriers and hotel chains.

This year, Eid Al Adha will fall in the beginning of the month, so many people will have three or four days off work. If you are ready to plan ahead your Eid Al Adha holiday, read further a few useful tips and websites recommendations that will help you do that.

When is Eid Al Adha?

Eid Al Adha, or the Festival of Sacrifice, is one of the two most important holidays in the Muslim calendar and is celebrated in UAE with various festivities and a several-day public holiday. Every year, Eid Al Adha is at the end of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and falls on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah, which is the 12th month in the Islamic, lunar-based calendar. This year, the three-day festival is estimated to fall on or around Saturday, October 4, depending on the moon sighting. This means that the weekend will most probably be extended with another couple of days for employees in both the private and the public sectors. Therefore, inclusive the weekend, the Eid Al Adha holiday may stretch to good 5 or 6 days days.

What is the holiday about?

During Eid Al Adha, Muslims commemorate Abraham’s (Ibrahim) trials, notably the occasion when Allah appeared before him and asked him to sacrifice his own son. He was about to follow the order, when Allah stopped him and gave him a lamb to kill instead. Today, people celebrate with sheep, goat or camel meat, “sacrificed” in a similar manner. However, in modern days people are exchanging gifts and even pre-paid shopping gift cards, partying with family and friends, and travelling to popular destinations.

Plan a trip

While some people in Dubai celebrate the holiday with their families, others prefer to spend it away from the city life and take a short break at various resorts in Europe, Asia or Africa. If you are looking for romantic experience, Rome Cavalieri is highly recommended.

Of course, if you have a longer holiday, you can fly to the Americas or other distant place. And the earlier you book your flight, the better – you can find a discounted fare and benefit from various promotions and sales. Large regional airlines such as Qatar Airways and Emirates offer instant online booking on their websites ( and, as well as prepaid holiday packages. If you are reserving hotel rooms, look first at international brands – Hilton, Marriott, Accor, etc., or check the website. It allows you to find the best and the most affordable rooms around the world.

Prepare a holiday gift list

While gifts are not necessary, they are certainly a great way to show your dearest people your gratitude, affection and respect. First on the list of course, are the kids. Get them toys, books, clothing or shoes, or try to surprise them with a new electronic gadget such as a new iPhone, tablet or a Kindle e-book reader, a gaming console or at least one of the latest game titles or movie DVDs. Add your family members and friends’ names to the shopping list as well. In order to purchase the gifts at reasonable prices, don’t leave your shopping until the last minute. Seek for items at sales or better – online from websites which have regular promotions and discounts such as,, or the largest e-retailer Fashion brands such as Mango, Karen Millen, bebe, DKNY, Wolford, or Florsheim also launch online sales on their web stores.

Whether you are shopping for Eid Al Adha presents and decorations or booking your vacation, early planning is crucial unless you want to pay double prices in the last minute. You will save time and avoid the stressful situation of last-minute reservations and enjoy a happier Eid holiday.


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