High class comes with a price tag, Rome Cavalieri is no exception


Planetarium Suite TerraceFor first time visitors, a vacation in Rome usually means luxury hotels, ancient museums and Italian cuisine, with the tour of Vatican optional priority due to religious differences. So, if this is your dream destination, prepare to spend a little more, especially if you are looking for a 5-star, one-in-a-lifetime experience.[wpsr_pinterest]

The most stylish, absolutely unique, and the most awarded among all hotels in Italy’s capital is Rome Cavalieri by Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts. Don’t share it in public, but you may now book a room with 33% off because Hilton is running a summer sale. Before you click the Reserve button however, there is a few details you might consider.

Napoleon SuiteThe 5-star Waldorf Astoria property is located on the highest hilltop in the city in Montemario, 25-minute drive from the Coliseum. Being away from the centre, this hotel is surrounded by lush Mediterranean gardens and offers privacy and exclusiveness. It offers unique view to the Rome’s historic center and to the Vatican, as well. If you are staying overnight for a business trip, however, Rome Cavalieri is hardly the perfect place for you. It is rather a luxury, exquisite escape for those looking for relaxation, indulgence, romance  and an art-inspired holiday.

Unlike many other 5-star or so-called state-of-the-art hotels, the hotel doesn’t focus on modern amenities and 21-century styles. It’s a real symbol of class and authenticity. Rome Cavalieri by Waldorf Astoria has an impressive art collection of antique furniture, paintings, expensive tapestries, sculptures and historic artifacts, including an astonishing Tiepolo triptych, which makes you believe you are staying at a palace, fit for royalties. That’s right, this isn’t just another expensive family hotel – it offers classy experience to classy people with abilities to appreciate it. All perks luxury travelers point out as necessities are easily available.

Petronius SuiteThe rooms are spacious, furnished elegantly with designer and antique furniture, soft linens and majestic fabrics. Some may say “over the top” while others daydream, but if are accustomed to the riches of Asia and the Middle East, you will feel fine. There are flat-screen TVs, pay-per-view channels, Wi-Fi, as in many five star hotels, but the marble bathrooms are equipped with Salvatore Ferragamo products and even built-in TV. Pay attention to the minor details, because you might end up paying 35 Euro for 24 hours Wi-Fi usage if you do not choose the right room package when booking.

A Lebanese restaurant, in addition to another two restaurants and four bars offer gourmet cuisine, as well as classic Italian and international dishes. Some of the amenities on the property include two red-clay tennis courts, a gym, and a 2,500sq m decadent Grand Spa Club which has swimming pools, a unique amethyst Turkish bath with Roman mosaics, saunas, relaxation lounge, and a Roman rotunda. The really enjoy it, you need to stay a minimum of 5 days.

Indoor PoolWith its Ancient Rome themed amenities and public spaces, its classic style, and luxury experiences such as real-life Gladiator Training, Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria is, in its essence, a celebration of the Eternal City – its culture and historic significance. After all, Rome was founded 2700 ago and for centuries, it reigned as Caput Mundi, the Capital of the World. So, the pricing at the hotel should not surprise you – rates start from €175, or around $235, but the average room rate is around $500. It depends on the dates and the season, the room type, whether you are a Hilton HHonors member, as Waldorf Astoria is part of Hilton Worldwide, and so on.

Salone dei CavalieriOne tendency that stands out is the hotel’s inexplicable policy of charging you for every little extra. Considering it’s a 5-star hotel with prices sometimes reaching an astonishing $1,700 per night, it should provide essentials such as Wi-Fi, gym and pool access, water and towels for free. According to not-so-satisfied guests of the hotel, the staff will ask you pay for all little extras, including €35 for Wi-Fi in your room.

Are Italians so good or Waldorf Astoria’s management team aims at maximizing profits? Well, that’s up to you to decide – if you are looking for luxury, Roman-style class and authenticity and the price is irrelevant, book your next vacation at Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts. Coming from glitzy Dubai where room rates are 2nd most expensive worldwide while luxurious ambiences are somewhat mandatory, luxury travelers will not pay much attention to the numbers on the bill, or wouldn’t they..


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