Trendy Leisure Weekend Activities to Try



There is a number of leisure weekend activities you usually favor during the weekend like enjoying a long movie marathon, catching up with friends over a cup of coffee, sleeping in… But you have probably tried all of them already. Time to make things more interesting by diving into the newest leisure weekend activities trends. They are diverse, fun and you are guaranteed to fall in love with at least one of them.

Sushi_1Cooking of for fun

Yes, cooking can be fun if you decide to take some risks. Start by picking a recipe of a meal which you have never done or even tasted before. Aim for something exotic since even if it does not work out, you will not be able to call the result a failure if you are not really familiar with it. Experiment with tastes and ingredients and make sure you call a friend or two to join the adventure. If your efforts are rewarded with a tasty meal, you can enjoy it together.

Learning new skills

Some of you would probably say that this is not a new leisure activity for them and that they have been using their weekends to study French or to read the biographies of important historical figures. Well, this trend has little to do with self-improvement, because it does not focus on developing skills that are practical or even useful. Instead, it promotes the learning of odd and bizarre things like juggling or riding a unicycle. What is the purpose of that? To have fun and to experience something completely new, of course! Otherwise, it will not be a leisure activity if it has a practical side to it, right!

Photography Emaar Boulevard Dubai 1Searching for the perfect shot

The best thing about smartphones is that they can turn anyone into a photographer. Most smart handsets are equipped with a decent amount of megapixels and features like auto-focus and different photo filters. If you are a smartphone owner, you should take the opportunity and go on a hunt of the perfect shot. Simply take a short trip to a nearby spot that catches your eyes and enjoy a few hours of capturing its atmosphere. It would be even better if you cannot think of such a place, since this will motivate you to look for it. This free-time activity will allow you to spend a few hours with your own thoughts and it will teach to see the beauty in the little things.

Virtual coffee with friends

Enjoying a cup of coffee with a group of friends is always a good weekend activity idea. However, there is one drawback – you usually need to get up in time and put on your fancy clothes for the date. That spoils some of the fun, especially if you love to sleep in during you work-off days. The solution is a virtual coffee meeting! Arrange a video chat with a group of friends and you will be able to sip on your coffee while you are still in your pajamas. Still, the face-to-face contact is always best. But a virtual coffee date is better than a texting date.

Volunteer your time

Those of you, who are dedicated to a cause can use their weekends to focus on it by donating some of their spare time to it. Whether you are interested in helping children, elderly people, animals or saving the environment, you can sacrifice a few hours every weekend to bring joy to others.


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