Most Successful Industries over the Next Decade


Whether you are searching for stocks to invest in or pick a career, you should know which sectors of the industry have greater chances for success in the near future. Most experts give predictions for the next 2 to 5 years, but it’s even more important to know which major spheres will be big in the next decade.

The growth of different industries and businesses always vary by location, economic growth, market demand and technology trends. While oil industry can be driven by the local conditions in one country or city, mobile software development will be fueled by demand and skills in another. However, there are certain trends emerging all over the globe, which will determine the success or failure of companies and large corporations in the 2020’s. Four major industries will be gaining popularity, according to latest Venture Capital Investment data from the National Venture Capital Association in the U.S., as well as recent report from the Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), an international assurance, tax, and advisory services firm, based in London.

Health systems and health products

National health monitoring and data systems will become more and more popular, as healthcare providers and experts already claiming they are necessary for improving the quality of healthcare. This includes electronic medical records, e-prescribing, clinical data, drugs lists, and remote monitoring and will help both healthcare providers and insurance companies. Of course, patients and doctors will have easier access to information about different medicines and treatments, which will improve the safety, effectiveness and accessibility of healthcare. Nation-wide health-related databases already exist in some countries, but governments aim to expand them and exploit their many advantages.

Enterprise information

Software company OpenText predicts that competition between businesses in all industries will result in digital disruptions over the next six to ten years. The time-to-revenue and the time-to-customer-satisfaction will need to be reduced. So, optimizing Enterprise Information Management should be essential and even more important than the company’s global reach or amount of capital. This is one of the reasons for the remarkable success of the recently launched Office 365.


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