Kindle eReaders Get $20 Price Cut Today


March is known as the National Reading Month. To mark the occasion, today only, Amazon offers a $20 discount of two of its best selling products – Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite. This means that you now can purchase the Paperwhite edition of Amazon’s eBook reader for less than $100. Even more amazing is the fact that thanks to the price cut, Kindle Wi-Fi 6” will cost you just $49.

Both Kindle ereaders will make a great gift for avid book readers. However, you should not mistake Kindle eReaders with tablet PCs. Although both of them support Wi-Fi and can connect you to the web, they are created exclusively for reading. In other words, their functions focus on a non-distracting reading experience.

Nevertheless, the most important thing about Amazon’s Kindle eBook readers is that they have special electronic ink displays. Thanks to that, they resemble the surface of real paper. In addition, these screens do not reflect light and they have no glare. As a result, they are easy on the eyes, allowing users to read for hours on end. That is namely what makes them the ultimate accessory during the National Reading Month, as well as throughout the year.

Of course, there are a few differences between the two innovative devices. Kindle Paperwhite is the newest Kindle on the market. Therefore, it has the most advanced features. Among them are a next-generation built-in light, higher resolution and contrast, a faster processor, a touch screen and many more.
However, Kindle Wi-Fi 6” is also a great eReader for those who prefer a more simplistic reading experience. Although it is a previous generation eBook reader, it can hold over 1,000 books and it supports parental controls.

As for consumers who shop on a shoestring, both Kindles will meet their needs without exceeding their budgets. That is especially true now when their price is $20 lower.
The National Reading Month will continue by the end of March. However, this deal is valid only today. So, make your way to and order you new reading accessory as fast as you can.


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