Valentine’s Special Airfares Up to 25% Off



Wandering how to surprise your loved one for Valentine’s Day? Choose your favourite destination and enjoy a romantic journey without worrying about the cost. Qatar Airways just released Valentine’s special airfares for couples from Dubai and Abu Dhabi and you can now save 25% off your tickets.

Travelling to some distant, exotic destination is a great way to celebrate your love and relationship, especially if you are tired of those boring, old restaurant reservations. Instead of buying flowers and fake jewelry, why don’t you gift your loved one a sweet, unforgettable experience? And if you think that booking a romantic getaway right now will cost you too much, you’re wrong. For a limited time, travelers from Dubai and Abu Dhabi can enjoy savings of 25% on their flights to numerous destinations around the world. Qatar Airways is offering discounted prices for return Economy Class tickets for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people, so even if you’ve decided to fly with the whole family, you can get advantage of the offer.

The offer includes more than 20 destinations, including some of the most romantic places on earth – Paris, Bali, or Sao Paulo. For most of the featured cities, you need to book by Sunday, 19th January, while for others the end date is 31st March, 2014, so you need to check the company’s website for more details. The prices include all taxes, fees and surcharges if you book online, so hurry up to get advantage of the savings. Here are some of the destinations from the special offer, plus the discounted return fares.

  • Abu Dhabi – Bali – starting from AED 2,255
  • Abu Dhabi – Paris – starting from AED 2,775
  • Abu Dhabi – Singapore – starting from AED 1,915
  • Dubai – Bangkok – starting from AED 1,865
  • Dubai – Chicago – starting from AED 5,275
  • Dubai – London – starting from AED 2,705
  • Dubai – Nairobi – starting from AED 1,555

For the complete list of offers, visit and check their Special Offers page. The discounted fares are valid only for online bookings, so don’t bother looking for a company’s office or a travel agent. And be quick, because the seats are limited.


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