Hottest Social Media Jobs for 2014


From a pure platform for meeting people and sharing content with friends, social media has become a huge tool in companies’ marketing strategies. Today, with its unlimited potential, social media is important for global commerce and social media jobs are opening across larger and small businesses. Offering great opportunities, several social media marketing positions will be successful in 2014.

With technology and the rise of social media, the job market is experiencing a revolution, too. Social media websites have become a cutting-edge platforms for marketing a certain combination of skills is required for the new types of jobs. According to the 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, social media is growing for the businesses. While in 2012, 83 percent of marketers admitted that social media is important for their business, in 2013, their number grew to 86 percent. Constant Contact’s Small Businesses: Then and Now Survey shows similar trends – 87 percent of small businesses are now using social media as a marketing tool.

So, which are the hottest social media jobs for 2014? Degrees in business, communications, in addition to English language will be most useful this year.

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist

The job is essential to companies, which are searching for more visibility on the web. This includes, basically, each and every business. The SEO specialist is required to have a bachelor’s degree and web experience and blogging or knowledge in HTML and CSS is always a plus. The job involves analyzing different websites, creating new content, and of course, testing various marketing techniques. This all aims to boost website rankings and therefore, attracts more potential customers.

Social media strategist

Working at this position, you will be responsible for creating a developing the public profile for companies. This is essential for establishing a more genuine and personal interaction with the customers, which raises brand recognition. The job often requires a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of experience in the social media marketing.

Online community manager 

Online community managers use online communities such as social networks, email groups, or message boards to increase the web traffic and achieve maximum results from the social marketing strategy of the company. At different online communities, you can target certain groups and types of customers. Creative, analytical and business-oriented skills are required from the applicant. But an essential feature of the online community manager is the ability to adapt quickly to new technologies and social media tools.

Social media marketing manager

Managing the creation and execution of various social media marketing strategies is the major job of the social media marketing manager. A huge variety of skills are required in addition to the bachelor’s degree (often in MBA), the five years of experience in the field, as well as excellent understanding of social media platforms and proper verbal and written communication skills.

Social media marketing coordinator

The position involves writing unique content and frequent social media post updates with content, photos, and videos. The coordinator also uses various social media tools. The perfect candidate should have blogging experience, great written and verbal skills, knowledge of social media platforms, and video editing, as well. A college degree is not required usually.

Blogger/social media copywriter

Bloggers and social media copywriters are essential for companies that want online presence. The two main functions of these jobs are creating engaging and factual online content and attracting readers/followers/fans. The position is different from the common spammer – a person who presents irrelevant, false, but flashy content. In contrast, the blogger or social media copywriter delivers reliable, truthful, and useful information to the readers. A college degree is preferred and exceptional written skills are required from the candidate.

Social media marketing is getting bigger. It is helping companies to personalize their products and services and reach more potential consumers. Social communities on the web also continue to grow, so opportunities for business marketing will be even greater in the near future.


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