Dubai’s Department of Economic Development clarifies 2000 activities under trade licenses


DED completes adding descriptions for 2,000 activities permitted under various trade licenses

The Department of Economic Development (DED) has completed the adding descriptions for 2,000 business activities permitted in Dubai as part of streamlining its business registration and licensing services. Listing business activities permitted under each license will make it easier for investors as it will remove any ambiguity on the activities legally permitted under various commercial, industrial and professional licenses in Dubai.

DED had completed adding descriptions for 50 per cent of the permitted activities by the first half of 2013 and 1,000 more activities were added by December 2013. Each license will now include the license type (whether commercial, professional or industrial) and a group of activities permitted under that license.

“License holders will now have clarity on what they can or cannot do under their license. Besides avoiding confusion investors can avoid penalties and maintain better focus on their core activities with the licensed activities clearly listed,” commented Ahmed Ibrahim, Director of Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) in DED.

The BRL sector has recently made substantial improvements in its service delivery, including building a comprehensive e-services platform, for the sake of businesses and investors.


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