Christmas 2013 marks beginning of the end of PC domination


The PC was one of the most popular Christmas gifts over the past few decades. However, the case seems to be quite different in 2013. Various studies already predict that more and more PCs will be replaced by tablets as soon as the spring of 2014. However, this may have happened even sooner than that.

One proof for that is a recent research by IBM. According to it, holiday mobile shopping during this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday jumped by nearly 60%. In addition, it made up more than 30% of all online holiday shopping. Most of the Christmas shopping traffic on the web was done from tablet PCs.

If you look around, you will quickly notice that people have already placed the tablet before the PC. That is partly due to the fact that it is more portable. In addition, it is always easier to use. Many consumers who were not fond of using PCs, are proud tablet owners today. That even includes an impressive number of elderly people.

Also, for a few years now, PC sales have been reported to decline steadily. Both sales of Windows and Mac computers have decreased worldwide. At the same time, tablets are enjoying records sales. Moreover, consumers’ preference when it comes to tablet PC is anything but limited. There is a market for professional, budget and even kids’ tablets.

Also, unlike PCs, tablets are considered to be personal devices. Home computers are usually used by the entire family. However, tablets are in many ways more similar to smartphones than to PCs. It is hard to log into multiple social media profiles on a tablet. In addition, today people love to watch TV and browse the web at the same time. Tablets do allow that.

The only major exception here continues to be the business. PCs are still the main choice for companies. Even if they use tablet PC, they tend to provide just one or two which can be used for presentations or at conferences.
Here’s another interesting thing you should consider: Is the PC on your Christmas wish list? How about the tablet? According to a new study, the most popular Christmas gift wish in 2013 will be the iPad. This finding pretty much settles the question, right.

Therefore, the real news in 2014 will not be the decrease in the popularity of the PC, but the tablet’s invasion in the work environment. Tablet PCs will not be used only at conferences and just by business professionals. They will find a place in health care and even in hotels. Also, do not expect that the PC will become extinct tomorrow. It will continue to be used alongside the tablet.


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