Dubai Land Department launches eMart


Dubai Land Department launched today a new online real estate portal, eMart, to be the online portal for the auction, sale, and rental of properties and a simple and convenient exchange centre for real estate private and public real estate information, that guarantees transparency and credibility in all data, in line with the vision of the Government of Dubai.

This is expected to influence various commercial sectors, since the success of Emartech in enhancing the attractiveness of real estate to investors will be advantageous to the overall economic situation of the emirate, through the global access eMart would provide to Dubai’s real estate.

eMart is considered novel in the world of real estate in that the services offered to stakeholders in the market are unique and an implementation of the Government of Dubai’s vision to move towards smart government in all its institutions.

With the aim of supporting stakeholders across the real estate industry through the provision of premium online services and the facilitation of search operations for investors in Dubai, and creating a comprehensive set of globally outstanding options to attract real estate investors, eMart constitutes an ambitious initiative of the Dubai Land Department.

Speaking of these accomplishments and the great potential these steps, His Excellency Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, Director General of Dubai Land Department, elaborated: “Today, Dubai Land Department has accomplished yet another milestone in pushing the real estate market forward, towards new heights the benefits of which this city will sow in the near future and the longer term. We now have a system that, with complete transparency and full credibility gives tenants, owners, and brokers full operational efficiency and reliability in a way that we have not had before, a way that will help boost the local real estate market significantly.”

He added: “The department is now working to develop a comprehensive action plan for the establishment of a real estate climate that is safe and stable and contributes to achieving the objectives of all parties involved in the sector, contributing to the attraction of more foreign investment, thus transforming Dubai into a global real estate destination through the provision of a full range of facilities and services that emphasise transparency and ensure the rights of all parties, working towards the Government of Dubai’s transition into a smart government.”

From his end, Sultan Al Akraf, director of first registration at Dubai Land Department, pointed out that the launch of operations through eMart: “will enhance the attractiveness of real estate investment in Dubai and will have a major role in attracting more investments to the sector because transparency is the most prominent factor in any investment sector, and it is the foundation upon which eMart is built.”

It is worth noting that eMart enjoys the strong support of the Government of Dubai and the payment online gateway Noqodi, because this online platform brings immense benefits to the various parties involved in the real estate sector without excluding them of their individual roles.

The department continues to launch initiatives and design programs in collaboration with strategic partners that contribute to the strengthening of the momentum in the real estate market as well as providing added value to the customer and to meeting his requirements and responding to his needs. All who wish to use eMart and benefit from its numerous services can find everything they need by browsing to


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