Most Common Hotel Guests’ Complaints


So you need to know a little about hotel guests’ complaints? Staying in hotels is something we all do every now and then. No matter whether the reason for that has to do more with business or pleasure, hotel stays are something most people experience at least once a year. Consequently, the hotel sector is the most profitable in the hospitality industry. Hotels in every part of the world do their best to offer their guests outstanding and unique services. However, this does not mean that people who stay in hotels cannot find something to complain about it. In fact a new research focuses namely on hotel guests’ complaints and it doesn’t exclude the likes of Hilton or Marriott.

A study by ReviewPro recently outlined the main causes for complaints. To do that, the company examined thousands of hotel reviews published by hotel guests on over 100 review websites. The research focused primarily on 20 main cities. Among them are, for example, London, Mexico City, Athens, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Sydney, Moscow and Dublin.

So what is the most common complaint of hotel guests? Well, you may be surprised here. It is not the lack of Wi-Fi connection or slow Internet speed. It seems that all hotels are doing very well in this category since it is not present in the top five.

The biggest complaint is actually noise. Consumers are least happy with the noise in and around the hotel. This is actually the biggest setback in nearly all of the 20 cities examined in the study. Nevertheless, there is one exception – Cape Town, South Africa. This is the only city in which noise does not really bother hotel guests.

The second most common complaint was found to be elevators in the hotel. Apparently, there are many things that guests do not appreciate in hotel elevators, since the research does not point anything specific here.

The third place goes to smells. Quite understandable, no one would like to stay in a smelly room. Right after that are the complaints against heating systems of air conditioning.

Nevertheless, the study did not only examine the negative comments in consumer hotel reviews. It also discovered which are the things which consumers praise the most. According to the study, guests are most impressed with the fact that hotels today are very “modern.” In addition, they had less bad things to say about their locations and speed of service.

The study also points the highest number of reviews received hotels in Sydney. The lowest, on the other hand, were those for hotel facilities in New Delhi.

Here are the cities with the highest rated hotels on the web:

Cape Town: 86%
Melbourne: 84.4%
Saint Petersburg: 82.9%
Sydney: 82.2%
Dublin: 81.6%
Athens: 81.3%
Barcelona: 81%
Berlin: 80.7%
Madrid: 80.7%
Mexico City: 80.1%
Istanbul: 79.6%
Moscow: 78.9%
Lyon: 78.6%
Bangkok: 78.4%
Milan : 77.8%
London: 77.6%
Rome: 77.6%
New Delhi: 77.3%
Brussels: 77.2%
Paris: 77.2%
Therefore, if you are hotel owner, maybe you should think of ways to minimize the noise rather than improve web speed in the rooms.


  1. Spot on with the three biggest complaints I concur. Regardless of what your personal preferences are you can save money by making reservations in advance


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