New Beauty Treatment: Instant Hair Loss Solutions


Unlike baldness which is mostly seen in men, thinning hair and bald patches are surprisingly common in women. The reasons for hair loss can vary from different medical conditions to specific lifestyles or sometimes, there is no reason at all. In Dubai, many people blame water for increased hair loss. And while treatments usually take months to have effect, different methods for concealing thinning areas are fast and effective. We do not mean here the new Beyoncé haircut unveiled on Instagram today.

 biothik_siluettAmong the hair loss solutions with quick effect, hair building fibers stand out as the safest and the most popular.

Both men and women loose hair for various reasons. The problem can be triggered by around 30 different illnesses, as well as medications and lifestyle factors. It can also be inherited from the parents. In many cases, once the cause is addressed, hair will grow back on its own, but sometimes it seems nothing can help. Of course the easiest and cheapest way is to try to stop hair loss naturally by taking more A, E, and D vitamins, by eating more proteins, by reducing the stress and by using essential oils and other topical treatments. A more dramatic approach is hair transplantation and grafting which are quite serious and traumatic procedures and are recommended in some cases only. However, the easiest and safest among all hair loss solutions  is using hair building fibers. They are


 entirely chemical-free, easily washed off and create density and volume of the hair for about a day.

Hair building fibers are constructed by the structural protein keratin. The process is actually very simple – once applied to your head, the statically charged artificial fibers bond with your real hair fibers. The result is immediate – you have thick, dense hair which looks absolutely natural. One of the best hair building fibers on the market is HairMax. The brand offers effective and safe solution for pattern hair loss and thinning hair with its natural keratin fibers which are offered in several different colours, depending on your hair colour – dark, dark brown, medium and light brown, light blond, sandy blond, auburn and even grey. All you have to do is to apply and brush the fibers gently to blend them into your natural hair.

Another effective hair concealer is the product by the Greek brand Toppik. Their fibers are also made of natural, coloured keratin which binds to the real hairs by having a strong electrostatic charge. The artificial hairs will stay securely in place for at least 24 hours and won’t come off in wind or rain. Toppik also offers an entire hair building system – Keratinized Hair Building Shampoo, Conditioner, and Fattener which is a highly concentrated treatment with keratin proteins and nutrients. This combo pack provides keratin fibers, antioxidants and vitamins which not only conceal hair shafts, but also keep your scalp and hair healthier and stronger. You can also combine the fibers with the special Spray applicator, which helps you to apply the fibers more evenly and achieve a more natural appearance.

FIXPLANT-Hair-Loss-Fibers-25-gms-088oz-LightThe next product you choose if you need an instant solution to your hair loss problem is Fixplant. Their keratin fibers work exactly the same way – they intertwine with your natural hair because they are charged with static electricity. Of course, it is also offered in several colours – dark brown, medium brown, light brown, and black.

In addition to the hair building fibers, you can use fortifying and enhancing hair care products so that your scalp and hair stay healthy. HairMax, for example, offers a special pack which includes an enhancing shampoo, an invigorating scalp treatment (which is also a shampoo), revitalizing conditioner and a scalp and hair fortifier (which doesn’t wash off). The company has selected certain men’s and women’s vitamins and dietary supplements which can be purchased together with the pack. They will ensure preventing of hair loss and maintaining the health of your scalp, hair, skin and nails.

Before purchasing any kind of beauty, skin or hair care product, you should always take into consideration safety and comfort. As keratin is a natural protein – the same material our hair and skin and made from, it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. Keratin building fibers are in fact non-irritating even if you use them for long periods of time. So, these products are safe, easy to use, and entirely undetectable – the perfect hair concealers today and certainly in the future!


  1. I was Facing Hair Loss problem since last 4 years but when i tried Toppik Hair Fiber its amazingly work and i am happy with it . you guys should try to hide your baldness .


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