Dubai Fashion 2020 To Be Unveiled Soon


Many people around the world know Dubai as a shopping or tourism hub. However, Dubai is about to join the fashion capitals of the world. The emirate is taking on various projects which aim at developing its fashion and design sector. The latest of them is called Dubai Fashion 2020.

A MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the development and creation of Dubai Fashion 2020 was recently signed between the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Dubai and DTMFZA (Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority). Although there are not many details about Dubai Fashion 2020, the project will have two main tasks.

The first of them will be to support Dubai’s economy. Experts have estimated that Dubai Fashion 2020 will be able to further increase the city’s GDP. In addition, it will provide many new jobs in the region, which will cover various fields, including design, retail and manufacturing.

The second goal for Dubai Fashion 2020 will be to develop the fashion and design industry not only in Dubai, but also in the Gulf region. The project will showcase the talent of designers from the Middle East. Dubai Fashion 2020 will attract new investors in the area some of whom may also be world-known fashion brands. But more importantly, it will promote culturally relevant fashion and style.

Dubai Fashion 2020 is one of the latest projects unveiled in Dubai. Among them is also Dubai Design District which will service as a design industry community for fashion brands, organizations and enterprises. The two undertakings have the potential to diversify Dubai’s economy and even turn the city into one of the world’s fashion capitals.

The strategy around which these projects revolve will highlight the importance of both the region’s Islamic and contemporary fashion. Also, it will discover new marketing opportunities that will suit the needs of the global and regional markets.

Dubai Fashion 2020, in particular, will attempt to assist the growth in this industry in the following years. The event’s aim will be to popularize Dubai’s culture on an international level. In order for that to happen, Dubai Fashion 2020 will create a productive working environment for entrepreneurs, businesses and UAE Nationals.

Dubai’s new fashion project will also organize training programmes, as well as host different fashion events. In addition, Dubai Fashion 2020 will lure global fashion enterprises to the city. Also, it will support Dubai Tourism Vision 2020. That will be achieved by increasing spending, stay duration and volume of tourists in Dubai.

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who unveiled Dubai Design District, stated that he supports Dubai’s ambition to develop its fashion sector. Also, he added that the government will continue to work on a plan which will further promote the industry and lead to its growth in the city.

DTMFZA’s Director-General Ahmad Bin Byat, informed that the global fashion industry accumulates more than trillion dollars every year. Byat believes that Dubai has the potential to strengthen its role in the global industry of fashion. According to him, this was due to the fact that the demand for luxury good and brands in the region is increasing. The Director-General says that Dubai Fashion 2020 will put emirate on the world fashion map and, in the same time, it will also support local businesses, designers and entrepreneurs.


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