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Google Adds New Features to Google Wallet Service

Without a doubt, Google Wallet is a really innovative payment service. It relies on NFC technology to make mobile payments. That offers many advantages. However, Wallet still does not enjoy the customers attention PayPal gets. That is mainly because most stores and mobile devices have not adopted the new system. Although, from Google do not reveal the number of Wallet users, the general assumptions are that it is more than modest. In addition, the fact that many key figures behind Google Wallet fled the company may suggest some issues.

However, Google works to enhance and popularize the Google Wallet. The technology giant just announced that it will expand the capabilities of its service. According to Google, Wallet will no longer be regarded as simply an NFC platform.

The reason behind the decision to take the focus off NFC technology is namely its limited use. Google Wallet’s director of product management Peter Hazlehurst stated that the company continues to believe in the advantages offered by NFC. That is why Google Wallet will keep providing it to its users. Nevertheless, in addition to that, it will also support three new payment methods.

Gmail Payments

This type of payment will be done via Google’s email client Gmail. It will enable consumers to transfer money to and from a Google Wallet account with a simple email. This payment is said to be as easy to perform as attaching files and documents to Gmail. Also, the function will be able to send money via Gmail even to people who do not have a Gmail account.

Initially, this feature will be only available for desktop computers in the US. Mobile users will still need to access Google Wallet’s mobile website if they want to transfer money to a different account. In addition, Google assures that the new service is secure. Despite that, consumers will have the chance to buy a Protection plan.

Instant Buy

The next new Google Wallet feature is called Instant Buy and it will enable purchase making through online stores or an application. In that way, users will have the chance to buy items in only a few clicks. To do that, you will need to sign in your Google+. That will offer all the necessary information for you to make the purchase. Like the first feature, Instant Buy is also very secure because it does not reveal your full information to merchants.


With this function, Google Wallet will finally enable consumers to add their loyalty cards to their account. Moreover, users will also have the option to add other items to their Google Wallet, like tickets, for example. The giant will also enable brands to use API in their mobile applications. That means that companies will send you offers whenever they see that you are in their area.

Will that be enough to save Google Wallet? The new payment methods will offer some alternatives to NFC. However, the service will still remain largely limited in its capabilities.


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