Redback spiders crawled to Downtown Dubai


Yesterday, we saw a redback spider on Emaar boulevard in Downtown Dubai.

Red Back Spider Apparently, residents of the area where a 3 bedroom apartment cost in the range of a million US dollar as of today, are surprised that such invasion could reach their neighborhood. Unfortunately, security guards were nowhere to be seen and people torn between the thought to commit an inhuman act to step on the redback and kill it and the fear for their wellbeing, just threw water over the unwanted dangerous creature.

This is not funny! We saw the redback spider at the beginning of the Burj Plaza, near ARA gallery, where many little kids play during all hours of the day, while their nannies and mothers sit on the stairs chatting. Yes, the redback spider we saw crawled from the same stairs. What is the probability someone to get bitten? Not pretty slim!

Now already in May, most readers most probably would not be surprised to find out that their habitats may be also populated with redback spiders. The mainstream local media reported about redbacks seen in the suburban areas of Dubai back in the beginning of March. But surprising is the fact that not enough was done to prevent redbacks crawling further into the city.


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