Apple Offers Special Scholarships to Student Developers


Apple Inc. officially announced its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference and gave details on the event. As we have already informed you, the conference will take place on June 10-14 in San Francisco and it will focus on Apple’s mobile operating systems iOS and OS X. Tickets will soon go on sale. However, if you want to attend the event you need to be very quick, since in 2012 all tickets were sold out in just a couple of hours.

Despite that, the news is good for talented student developers. Apple is planning to give a special student developers scholarship that will allow future developers to get free access to the conference.

The company shared this information in a publication on its website. According to the publication, the student developers scholarship will be available for 150 people. Nevertheless, there are some requirements that young developers need to meet in order to apply for the funding.

First of all, they need to be over 13 and they need to be either full- or part-time students. In addition, future student developers must be members of the following programs: iOS Developer Enterprise Program, iOS Developer Program, Mac Developer Program and iOS Developer University Program. Students, who want to apply, need to create an application and showcase their coding abilities and creativity through it. Also, the app should be in English and it must to be created either for iOS or Mac. Another important thing about the scholarship competition is that applicants will be asked about their technical and work experience, technical accomplishments, as well as essay questions.

If you match these requirements, you can submit your application starting April 29th. However, make sure you hurry up since the deadline for applying is May 2nd (Thursday).

Approved candidates will receive a ticket for Apple’s WWDC 2013. The scholarship includes one ticket and no other awards or cash. Despite that, this scholarship covers a ticket that originally costs $1,599 which can be a huge amount of money to pay for many young developers.


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