Social Media Makes Employees More Productive


Are you a regular user of social media websites and applications? If yes, you are more productive in your work than people who don’t. This is the conclusion of a recent study by data analysis company Evolv.

The research focused on the effect that social media websites have on employees. For the purposes of the study, the company interviewed thousands of job seekers. The survey found that the majority of the respondents had between one to four social profiles. Very few were the ones who used over five different social networks.

According to the study, the more social websites an employee uses on a regular basis, the more productive he or she is. The research has found that socially active workers on the web deal with consumer transactions in a time that is nearly 2.8% shorter than the average. In addition, their sales convertion is higher with almost 1.6%.

But what causes this strange phenomenon? The research suggests that this may have to do with the fact that these people seem generally more social than others. In addition, workers who have more than one social profile are said to have more knowledge on technology, which is often a plus for some job positions.

The report also points out that social website users tend to stay longer in the firm – over 90 days. In comparison, those who do not use social media platforms regularly or at all stick with the company 83 days.

Evolv’s study has also discovered that non-web-social employees are more likely to quit their job rapidly, unlike those with four of fewer social profiles. Strangely, workers who regularly use more than four or five social websites, leave their jobs even more rapidly than their non-social colleagues. The research who conducted the study believe that the large number of social websites makes them less concentrated and devoted when it comes to work.

Even though, the report assures that social media does not have a negative effect on the employee job performance and productivity, it does not recommends employers to encourage social networking during work hours.


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