How to Start a Small Business – Public Relations and Marketing


marketingPR and marketing are two very important business fields today. That is due to the fact that they are often the main driving force behind another companies or industry. As a result, many individuals who have business flair often decide to start a small business in public relations or marketing. Those of you  who have similar plans may find this article useful as it will offer a simple guide to starting a small business in marketing or PR.

But why are we examining these two fields together? Although public relations and marketing are traditionally perceived as two different things, over the last few years the lines between them have begun to blur. That is especially the case when they turn to things like content marketing and social media. Here are some basic steps which you should follow when starting a small business in public relations or marketing business.

Pick a Niche or Focus

There are many services and products, brands and organisations, which you can promote and market. However, it is better if your small business is focused on only one or few of them. The options are many, consumer products, B2B, technology projects and etc. So make a wise choice and select something that you have a passion for or which interests you the most. In addition, you will need to choose how to market and promote your projects (digital, broadcast media, print or something else). The easiest way, but also the most competitive one is online.

Freelance, Partners, Employees

Another important decision you will need to make is whether you want to work alone as a freelancer or hire a team of employees. Also, consider if you are willing to partner up with someone else. Some people do better working in teams, while others performing solo. However, rarely one person makes a successful company.

Get Business License

All these things will be pointless without a business license. If you don’t have such a license, you will not be permitted to start a business.  Some of the free zones in Dubai issue freelance licenses. UAE nationals are also allowed to work from home and can obtain license from the city’s department for economic development.

Accounting and Legal Matters

It is advisable to hire a professional to help you starting your new business. This could be a company that specialises in setting up businesses or consultancy company. They can help you register the company and will also inform you on some of the procedures that you will need to follow.  In addition, you can call an insurance broker to purchase insurance and open a business bank account.


In the technological era we live, special software is a must-have. Make sure you have a good media and office software. Also, you can invest in email tracking or programs for business planning and managing tasks.


PR and marketing businesses also need a fair amount of marketing and promotion. Since you probably have some experience in the field, you are aware that the options here are many – internet, brochures, fliers, social websites, local newspapers and so on a so forth. Just make your pick and get on with it.

Research Your Competition

Try to learn something more on other local PR and marketing companies. Follow their moves closely. See how they promote their projects and how they find new clients. After that, come up with something unique which you can offer to your customers and stand out in the local market.

Look for New Fish in the Sea

Always be on the watch for new businesses in the area. When you hear that a new company has opened an office near you, jump by and offer your help in promoting their products, services or brand and expanding their network of contacts. They may not show interest at first, but they are likely to change their mind later.

A small business which revolves around marketing and public relations is almost all about research, contacts and attitude. The better you know the market, your competition and customers, the higher you will go. Start planning and explore the ground before you get to the actual marketing and PR-ing.


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