More Women to Start Businesses in UAE


In 2013, women in the United Arab Emirates are predicted to start more new businesses than before. Among the main reasons cited for this expectation is the fact that today it is easier to start a company in UAE than it was before.

This discovery was made by GEM (the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) which released it in a report not long ago. In addition, the study has found that in the Middle East region, men are more business occupied than women. According to GEM’s data, 2.8 men start their own business compared to the ladies in the Middle East countries. Despite that, this large margin can be balanced thanks to a number of new trends.

The first of them is the currently better business environment, as well as the larger amount of initiatives which support and encourage business and entrepreneurship. Only in Dubai, for example, last year the number of licensing transactions and business registrations made by the Dubai Economic Department has jumped with about 13%.

In addition, the United Arab Emirates was listed really high in a survey for ease of doing business. The study was conducted by the World Bank and it ranked the country at the 22nd position. That is huge improvement from the 46 position which the UAE received last year.

Dubai Small and Medium Enterprise (Dubai SME) informed that it is doing its best to encourage and support women who want to try out as entrepreneurs and business owners. Also, Dubai SME shared that it has already helped a number of ladies from the emirates to launch their own business. Moreover, a big part of them were reported as being really successful.

Nevertheless, Dubai Small and Medium Enterprise states that is it aware of the fact that there are more tasks to be completed in that sphere. The emirates SME informed that it is presently working on new projects and initiatives that are aimed at giving a push to both women and men to become entrepreneurs.


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