Why Bloggers Should Be Paid More


In a very short time, the word “blogger” has turned from a hobby into a profession. There are many bloggers out there who do their living writing blog post for themselves or for someone else. However, there is one major problem in this sphere. Most bloggers believe that they are underpaid and that their work is not valued high enough. Both of these issues are facts. But what actually is the root of the problem here?

There are three main misconceptions about professional blogging and being a blogger. The first one is that most people see blogging as something quite easy to do. The second is that blogging requires little time. But the biggest misconception is that everyone who has a blog or writes blog posts is a real blogger. However, these understandings are only skin-deep. They fail to see things as they truly are.

Blogging is Hard

Blogging requires a lot of multi-tasking. As a blogger you need to constantly jump from one topic to another. In most cases, you don’t write only on one topic. You are given various tasks and subjects which you need to discuss and write about all in one day. As a result, your brain works on a high speed, rushing from one topic to to the next. That consumes a huge amount of your energy. In addition, you have the task and the obligation to make every post interesting and original – worth reading. You need to find a new topic or shine a new light on some old one. Also, writing posts on different subjects requires a lot of research and it takes time. Profesional bloggers spend a lot of time looking for information, reading and then sifting it out. Therefore, blog posts are harder to write than website posts since they are way more diverse.

Blogging Takes a Lot of Time

Writing your first post for the day is always easy and quick thing to do. Your mind is still fresh and it is not tired. But many non-bloggers believe that this is the same for every blog material you write. However, the constant topic-switching and researching can exhaust you in no time. With every post, your brain gets more and more tired. That is why your writing speed and productivity quickly slow down. It is extremely hard to keep up the same pace for eight working hours straight.

Not Everyone Makes a Good Blogger

Most people suppose that blogging is easy since everyone is doing it. However, that is not true. The majority of the blog posts you can find on the web is not following a logical line and it is nothing more than simple rambling. In addition, a big part of them are filled with spelling and grammar mistakes.

What people and companies do not realize is that the better a post is, the more traffic their blogs will get. Also, they would build a better image in the eyes of their clients because they will be seen as being professional. Companies cannot allow themselves to hire a blogger who produces illogical posts that are full of mistakes. They need a professional to do the job.

The bottom line is that everyone can write, but not everyone is good with words and relevant to the current situation. The bloggers who have a talent and skill for the profession are very few, and often hard to find. Not many of them can help you grow your blog and your business. Therefore, investing more in professional bloggers is very important for businesses, although it may recuire some time to see the results of their efforts. Marketing and media managers must keep in mind that content marketing is a long-term activity that produces results after at least six months of consistent efforts.



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