Gold-mine Startup Ideas for Quick-profit Small Business


Small Business Ideas for Startups

Starting a business from a scratch is a big challenge even for the most experienced and ambitious minds. It requires an initial investment, a strategy and often a staff.

However, there are some gold-mine startup ideas for small businesses that can turn profitable in a very short time without putting much funding and planning into them. If you want to find your own small business in Dubai, then you have found just the right article to read.

Startups that Develop Steadily

These businesses are usually growing with a steady pace. They are very easy to found since they require a small capital that is often under $500 and no employees. In addition, they are pretty simple to do and do not need a special strategy.

Those of you who have a talent to paint and want to use it to make some money can try as airbrush artists. This profession is very much in demand at exhibitions, mall kiosks and community events. Airbrush artists are those people who customize the look of jewelry, clothing, signs, dishware and many more. The profits of this business are surprisingly high if you manage to show some creativity and impress your clients.

A little more profitable are the services related to online media and social networking. There are many companies paying for writing articles and posting comments on public forums. Of course there are professional journalists, but they are often too pricey. You can offer this service as a freelancer on a more local level and for a reasonable price. The media outlets in your area will start to choose you if you offer lower fees, faster work and distribution. You would be surprised to find out how many housewives make earnings as forum posters.

Even more money can come from window washing. That is due to the fact that every retail store and business has windows for cleaning. In Dubai, in particular, with the tremendous amount of projects under development and the sandy terrain, such service will be highly in demand. Also, you don’t need to invest much in equipment. The startup cost of this service can be minimal.

Startups that Develop Rapidly

The following businesses can grow rapidly. However, unlike the previous group of startups, this one requires a bit more money, as well as though and strategy planning. The staff needed for these businesses is little or even none at all and the earnings tend to vary from one suggestion to the other.

Mystery shoppers and services that are community referred or for elderly and disabled people can be a good choice for a startup. You only need to invest a modest sum in them as a beginning and do your best to keep your clients happy. In most cases, they are very easy to do. Mystery shoppers, for example, are paid to go from restaurant to restaurant and try out the food and the service in general. This is a great part-time job that will win you some extra cash and save you some money on food.

Businesses like advertising brokerage, specialty training and apartment decoration will need higher initial investment and some skills. However, such business hold the potential to grow quickly and attract larger number of clients. But make sure you take the time to plan the basics. Otherwise, your startup will take longer time to develop.

Some of the really profitable small businesses right now include coffee houses, computer services and apartment renovation. What you need to bear in mind is that you will need to come up with a good strategy for them. In addition, you will have to show some creativity and innovation if you want to attract more clients. The competition in these small business areas is already big and you will need to work hard to stand out. For example, try using more affordable or even free software if you are planning to start a business for computer services.

Startups that Develop Extremely Fast

This group of startup suggestions will need more money to found, a good business strategy and some or little staff. However, this should not dishearten you since these small businesses are one of the most profitable ones not only in Dubai, but in the entire world.

Audiobooks are enjoying a massive popularity today. So starting a company for audiobook producing will make you money for no time. The best thing about this business is that getting the audio rights to a book is often easy. If, however, you are having a rough time with that, you can always record something on your own. After that you can distribute your final product to local shops, schools or even better – on the web. Second-hand sales are also a rapidly developing startup. Finding and selling second-hand products is a piece of cake and the earnings are very good.

However, the most profitable businesses have to do with the Internet and the marketing industry. Building websites for companies is a very profitable small business. However, the tricky part here is that you should be very creative and hard-working. Otherwise you will only be one of the many. Promoting seminars or concerts are other amazing startups. But if you are planning to found a business like these, you will need to be a perfect events organizer. Also, you will need to have many contacts in order to easily promote the events. All these startups often require an initial capital.

Starting a business is not that hard if you know in what direction to head and if you have a reasonable plan. If you are motivated and hardworking, you can win no matter which of these suggestions you decide to try out.


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