Storytelling can turn startups into middle-market companies


There are a lot of speculations around benefits of content marketing. Yet, one the most important components of the conversation is storytelling.

To develop content is not that easy. In 2013 a large number of brands are expected to turn to content creation.

However, without a storytelling foundation the content is nothing more than just a commodity. This is the job of the public relation companies. They offer writing services in exchange of some amount. You may be surprised to learn that this amount could be very handsome in Dubai. A while ago, we have found out that the public relation company Emaar Properties and GEMS Education use can charge up to AED40,000 on monthly basis for its services.

However, most of the content PR professionals create is not interesting at all as just informs what happen and when and what executives say. Such content doesn’t have proper storytelling and it is uninspiring as it doesn’t attract readers to the publication. Basically, such content is just a waste of time.

Content marketing is something that most startup firms avoid. That is because they have limited marketing budget or no budgets at all. Many realize the need to announce to the media what they are planning to do, but most of them do not wish to pay credible publishers to distribute their content. Some startups can also come up with a bad storytelling such as emotionless press release, while actually having a good product.

A good story will always give an advance to its teller. It will engage the read and inspire him to act. Larger audience will be attracted a easier. This could include investors, customers, partners, employees or advertisers.

The question is how a startup can turn into good storytellers. First of all the audience should be carefully targeted. Then the startup should describe its business and the importance of what he is doing. The way that the story is presented should be inspiring, despite the real situation. The sooner that story comes to life, the sooner the startup could became a medium-market company.

Rising firms should take time to develop good storytelling. That happens with well-said, easy to understand stories. When things are put together the result will certainly come.

In addition, startups should look for an established publisher covering the same niche of interests and their targeted region.

Startups can find out if their story is working out on different people, as they will receive feedback from their customers and associates. If the storytelling resonates on the masses, people would be already paying involuntary attention.


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