How to Use Effectively Google+ for Marketing


Social media is an essential and very beneficial marketing tool for businesses. Many companies have their own networks of social profiles which they use to prome their products and services, as well as to attract new consumers.

One social network that made an impressive rise over the past few months is Google+. This social networking platform is enjoying an increasing number of all sorts of users. That is why now more and more companies prefer to create Google+ pages.

Like every social network, Google+ has its own specific features and services. In this article we will show you how to effectively use them for marketing.


You know what they say: “Dress to impress!” Usually, visual impression comes first. The same goes for your Google+ page. Consumers will first see your company’s profile and then go through your posts and read your About page. That is why you need to create an attractive Google+ business page. This is pretty easy. First, start with the photos. Select interesting, unique and creative profile photo, as well as a cover image. Use clear profile pictures will nice and vibrant colours that will attract people’s attention. Also, you can have an animated cover image. However, be careful not to make it too distracting.

Then you need to add a tagline to your page. You can do that from the About section. The tagline is one of the things that can set you apart from your competition. Therefore, come up with something original and tell why people need to follow your page.

Go Daddy Featured Offer! Save 47%* off your order! Offer Ends 2/12/13! - 120x240Also, set up a nice About page. Share a short history of the company, its aims and beliefs. In addition, there you can add links to all of your other social profiles, blogs and websites.


Like on any other social network, you need to post regularly. In that way your followers won’t forget you and your business. However, do not spam them by posting too frequently. In addition, avoid publishing information that is irrelevant.

Also, there are a few important things that will make your posts easy-to-notice and successful. One of them is to use hashtags. Similar to Twitter, Google+ uses hashtags to organize content into categories.

Another thing that will popularize your G+ page and business is exclusive content. This is content that can only be found on your Google+ profile. For instance, that can be pictures, offers, promotions, articles and etc.

Don’t forget to use the email options on Google’s social website. Through them you can send emails to your circles. Also, you can choose whether to send your message to all of your followers or just the most active ones.

Search Optimization

One of the best things about Google+ is its amazing SEO. Google+ posts and pages easily appear in the search results of Google’s search engine. In that way you can attract people outside of Google+. For a more effective SEO, you can use Google Authorship. That will mark you as a trusted page and push you up in the search results. To do that, you need to add a link to your website or blog on your G+ page, as well as a link to your G+ profile on your website/blog.

Your Engagement

Try to engage different users that you think may be interested in your company. The easiest way to do that is to participate in different conversations on Google’s social network. In addition, connect to new circles. To find the ones that have to do with your sector search the circles directory. Also, use the search feature of Google+ to see what users say about you. Make sure you respond to questions you find there.


Use the Events feature to organize events, promotions or remind of some important day. This option will allow you to send invitations to anyone, no matter whether they have a Google+ profile or not.

Follow these tips and you will see that Google+ can be very effective in promoting your business. However, come up with a specific social marketing strategy to keep you more focused when you post content.


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