Ten Simple Rules for Happy Life


6. Moderation is a key factor in achieving happiness. Excess usually leads to unfortunate outcomes – when you overspend, you bankrupt; when you overeat, you gain weight; when you oversleep, your head aches, and so on. Moderation and balance should be your “magic” words.

7. Be responsible and honest with yourself, don’t allow any excuses. When you fail, don’t blame others, but take responsibility and change something in your life, so that you won’t fail again.

8. Don’t seek money and power blindly without knowing what to do with them. Money is important in today’s society, but still far from sufficient condition for living happily. There are many others aspects of life such as love, satisfaction, health, or friendship.

9. Don’t harm the people around you, and even try not to hate them. Bad actions and feelings have always mirror effect, even if you don’t notice it at first. As human beings we all have conscience which, sooner or later, will make us regret every mean action and word.

10. Kindness to others is not only a religious principle, according to which the soul will be rewarded after life. Kindness to others, according Ancient Greeks, gives you a feeling of satisfaction and completeness and in that sense, it returns to you.

It turns out that the ancient philosophy can be applied even today, after more than 2,500 years and if you try to incorporate them in your life, soon you will feel more confident, relaxed and satisfied. And who knows, you can even achieve your long-waited wealth, love or prosperity.


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