Ten Simple Rules for Happy Life


How to achieve happiness and satisfaction in life without worrying too much of having bad feelings? All these questions are answered in 10 simple rules that can help us to live rich and meaningful lives.

Having a happy life doesn’t mean we need to have a lot of money or strong faith. Based on the teaching of Ancient Greek philosophers these principles condition us how to be in harmony with ourselves and world without any religious ideas and spirituality. The driving force, shown here is the rational thought of the human being. These are the 10 Golden Rules of having a good life:

1. Explore the world with your mind, participate in your life fully, instead of being an observer. You would be better doing something foolish rather than doing nothing, because you will always regret being inactive. Try to occupy your thought and never rest, because the Greeks say that mind is nature’s greatest gift to the people.

2. Don’t worry about things that are not in your power, otherwise stress can overwhelm you.

3. Appreciate your friends. Friendship, or socializing, is one of the things that make us human, and people can’t have a rich and meaningful life without at least one genuine friend.

4. Seek and experience real pleasure, not in some hedonistic way, but simple, true pleasures of life. Replace restaurants and extravagant experiences with enjoying time with your closest people, for example; pleasures for both your body and soul.

5. Try to achieve personal freedom, not a political one, but your own. Confront your fears and stay true to yourself, although self-deceit is so common to everyone.


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