Wellness tourism popularity set to grow in 2013


This year’s biggest spa trend will be the so-called wellness tourism. According to a report by SpaFinder Wellness, in 2013, hotels and resorts will include more services and programs that will take care of their guests’ health and general wellness.

Spas, pools and fitness centers are no longer enough. Hotel chains will add many new services like sleep programs, jogging, special menus and in-room workouts. The reason is that traveling is no longer a luxury. More and more people are required to travel because of their work, education and etc. Hotel owners are well-aware of that. As a result, they are expected to try to help their guests’ stay healthier.

Wellness Replaces Beauty

SpaFinder Wellness’ study was conducted by about 100 researchers. They followed all the trends in the spa industry, which amounts to 87,000 spas worldwide. What they have found is that the sector is changing its focus from pampering and beauty to wellness and health.


Hotel and resort chains all over the world are already making the first steps toward that trend. A chain in the U. S., for example, will open a hotel that will focus entirely on wellness. It will offer plenty of fitness facilities which will be placed all over the hotel.

Another wellness hotel in the States has special “Stay Well” rooms. There guests can enjoy aromatherapy, air purification and even showers which are vitamin C-infused. The hotel also offers guided jogging and running gear.

Wellness Tourism Abroad

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In addition, it is predicted that in 2013 more people will travel to foreign countries to have a healthy vacation. This type of holidays attract lots of tourists from all age groups. That is because it is suitable not only for people who have health problems, but also for those who want to stay healthy and prevent getting ill.

Men Like it Too

Also, the report points out that men are now frequent visitors to spa and wellness hotels. That is predicted to remain unchanged in 2013. Interestingly, today more gentlemen are interested in services and treatments like pedicure, manicure and fillers.

In Dubai

Because of Dubai’s location on the map, the region is a popular wellness tourist destination. In addition, the fact that locals freely speak English, as well as the excellent quality of the facilities in the area, make the city an attractive health destination. The spa and wellness hotels in Dubai are not only numerous, but they are designed following specific concepts and styles of treatment.


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