New Lego Robotics to connect with iPhone



Lego Mindstorms is making an impressive comeback with a new generation of its more advanced robotic sets. With this new product, the company will try to popularize app programing among the young generation. New Mindstorms legos have the incredible ability to connect the real world and physical actions with software developing. That makes it very beneficial for children.

The new Lego kit can be used for the creation of 17 robots. A big part of them resemble creepy animal species like scorpions and snakes.

The real news, however, is that Apple and Lego joined forces for this product creation.

Lego is soon expected to make an official statement about its new Mindstorms EV3 kit. The new product will come at a price of around $350 and it will be able to connect to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. That will be possible via Bluetooth wireless connection. In other words, Lego builders will have the option to use Apple’s smart devise as a remote for their robots. Also, they will be able to develop basic programs for action control and send them to their robotized creations.

Lego announced that the Mindstorms EV3 kit will hit the market somewhere in the second half of 2013. This news came right before the start of the International CES gadget show in Las Vegas which is scheduled between 8th and 11th of January.

Android devises and NXT (the latest Midnstorms kit) already have the remote control function. iOS devices were not compatible with the Lego kit since there was no chip that could connect the set with Apple’s smart gadgets.

In addition, the Mindstorms EV3 kit has an infrared sensor that is “two-eyed”. It can identify signals from a tiny infrared remote control and find it. Also, in the set there will be snake robot blueprints. The snake robot will be able to strike when someone gets near it. That will be possible thanks to its eyes which will have movement sensors.

Another interesting thing about the latest Mindstorms is that it will come in many additional languages like Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Korean. Earlier kits were available only in Japanese, English and some European languages.

Similar to the previous Mindstorms kits, EV3 will have five sensors and four different motors. Also, the new set is compatible with older motors and sensors. In addition, Lego claims that it has never been so “hackable”. We remind you that Lego introduced its first Mindstorms kit five years ago. The model, LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 , is still available in Dubai’s largest toys stores with a price tag of around AED2,300 and for online purchase on for more than half that price.

The new set will use firmware that is based on Linux. In addition, it will have SD and USB ports. Also, iPad users will get a special 3D virtual guide with instructions. EV3 is appropriate for kids aged 10 or higher.


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