2013 Trends in Social Media


In 2012, social media became one of the most popular marketing tools for many businesses. Facebook, Twitter and various other famous brands in the social virtual world were part of many business owners’ strategies for company growth and development. In 2013, businesses will still be able to rely on social platforms. That is because social websites will develop and improve. In addition, they won’t be suitable only for marketing and attracting of consumers.

Social Media Goes Mobile

That is easy to guess since the entire world is now so exited over mobile devices, apps, software and etc. It is expected that in only 2-3 years mobile devices will become the most used tools for accessing the Web. However, this trend will overtake the social websites even quicker. This means that many social networks will redesign their interface in order to make it more suitable for mobile devices. Also, there may be a boom of social websites developed exclusively for mobile electronic devices. One such example is Instagram.

Companies Won’t Use Social Websites Only for Marketing

As it was already mentioned, 2012 saw a rise of social media marketing. Over the next 12 months that trend is not likely to change drastically. However, in 2013 businesses won’t limit their use of social websites only to advertising. More and more companies are expected to include social platforms in their work. For example, business owners will use social websites to communicate with their employees. That means that the email, as a form of communication, will be greatly challenged in the near future. Customer service is also turning social and in many cases customers can get better and faster responses from brands and companies via Twitter or Facebook than in store.

Social Media Advertising also Goes Mobile

Until recently, people who used smartphones and tablets to access social platforms viewed less ads compared to traditional PC or laptop Web browsing. However, social technologies are developing and evolving. In 2013, the number of ads on the social websites will start to grow. That is thanks to the so-called native ads. This type of advertisements looks a lot like a normal user’s content, but it actually serves a promotional purpose. These are, for example, the promoted posts and tweets.

Companies Use Social Media as a Research Tool

Many businesses already do that. Companies now research the opinions and habits of their clients through social websites. However, most of them do that by simply visiting their profiles or engaging followers in a discussion. But in 2013, all that is predicted to change. More and more social networks will offer additional tools for analyzing user’s bahaviour. Also, there will be a boom in software for social stats tracking.


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