Social Networks War; Instagram in the Middle


Few days ago, Instagram stopped supporting Twitter integration. Now Instagram pictures are displayed in a different way on Twitter and, for some users they even appear cropped. In other words, Twitter users who want to view a file posted on Instagram have to visit the photo-sharing website.

Instagram  said it made a number of upgrades. Now users can use features as comments, likes and hashtags. In that way Instagram hopes to increase the engagement and visits to its website.

Instagram’s plan may actually succeed since Twitter users are not enjoying the new changes.

However, the most interesting part of the story is that the owner of Instagram is actually Facebook. That may mean for some a war between two of the most popular social networks. However, an attempt to attract more viewers to a website is usually related to advertisement performance. The more hits you get to your website, more readers see the advertisement you display and make use of it as consumers.

But Twitter is also pushing Instagram away. There is no such thing as a free lunch! A few months ago, the social website started to change some of its policies. That limited the use of third-party applications like Instagram.

Facebook is also following the same path. The network announced some big changes on some of its rules in an effort to make FB users share more content. One of these new policies will enable users to share more information on Facebook from its partner sites among which is also Instagram.

The competition between the social networks is not likely to end any time soon. On the contrary, this may just the beginning of it. In the strive for better revenues and domination, the social platforms will continue to make more cross-platform policy changes. Of course, these actions are usually said to help improve the user’s experience. The fact, however, is that they only damage it in favor of the advertising dollar. But users should also know that this is the cost of using free social networks.

For now, new cross-platform policies affect only the users of Twitter. They will no longer have the pleasure to view Instagram pictures on the platform. Nevertheless, from Instagram assured that people who have Twitter profiles will be able to post links that will lead to their photos on the Instagram site.


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