Men’s health is a matter of balance, or so it should be


Today we live in a modern world, or so we believe. We got smartphones, wi-fi and personal vehicles. There are so many utilities and conveniences which serve us every day just to make everything easier. But is it really so?

The male body has specific anatomic differences which distinguishes it from the female. Men have harder bone structure and stronger muscle system. In order to sustain this biological unit men have to consume a daily based diet and get a proper amount of sleep. This should provide enough energy to keep health level to a scale where one feels best.

Sadly a large number of men eat too much junk food and drink alcohol at the late hour of the day. They work all day in offices in front of a desk with almost no physical activity and during their free time they sit again in front of a screen. And all of this is complemented by a regular amount of daily stress. Such lifestyle is wildly spread across the world and truth is that is like poison to our body and mind.

Men’s health is a matter of balance. We must remember that we are made of what we eat and we have to do some physical activity to transform the energy that comes in into physically fit body in which we should feel comfortable. A well formed body is not a synonym of a good health. The mind of a man should be also at rest, synchronized with the body. An old Wiseman once said – A healthy mind and spirit in a healthy body.

There are several factors which we have to look up to understand how much energy a man needs. The amount of calorie one has to acquire depends on age, weight, height and type of metabolism. In order for our bodies to perform optimally, we need all three macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) in our diet. There are numerous diet examples and pattern over the internet and it is a matter of personal choice to find out which one suits you most.

Proper food and eating habit are not enough to reach level of optimal physical fitness for a man. The energy which cannot be used up is transformed into fat depots all over they body. This is a big health problem. The easiest way to solve it is with regular physical exercise. Most people get nervous when it comes to exercise. There is nothing to be afraid of. We can find the activity which suits us most – jogging, football, basketball, tennis, dancing, run with the dog or the kids, swimming, snowboarding, martial art, and a hacky sack game in the park – almost everything that will make us sweat. That way the muscle tonus of the man’s body is increasing. Also we are getting rid of the fat and the toxins in locked inside the body. The blood and respiratory system start to work together and the metabolism is quickened.

Last but not least is the third factor of being well – mental health. In the traditional eastern medicine every physical illness is caused by some kind of inner problem with the self. The western approach on the matter may be a bit different but also agrees that stress causes many deceases. Most modern men have a lot of worries on their mind – problems at work, personal issues, depts, etc. Well being cannot be attained with healthy body and busy mind. Certainly there are many ways to handle stress. Art therapy is a good choice. Any kind of music or painting class will relax the mind and slow down the stomping thoughts. Most men have hobbies such as fishing or hunting which might brighten up the leisure time.

There are activities which combine both physical and mental activities. Today yoga and tai chi exercises are widely spread everyone can easy. Classes like these will held to be fit and meditate at the same time.


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